BTL VanquishME:

(Cellutone treatment is included FREE with purchase of VanquishMe treatment!)
Single area treatment: $589 (national average is $750!)
Two areas same day: $999 (save $179)

BTL Cellutone:

Cellutone, single area: $159
Cellutone, two areas same day: $300

Package pricing:

  • Current patients get 10% off any treatment
  • Buy 3 treatments of same area; get one free (may buy one at a time)
  • Add a 5th or 6th treatment to the same area 25% off
  • BTL Aesthetics recommends 4-6 treatments of each area for best results. One “area” is defined as the area which can be treated without repositioning the device, such as abdomen, back, buttocks, or inner and outer thighs (both legs). For example, treating the abdomen weekly for the recommended 4 times would cost $1767 ($1590.30 for current patient) and treating the “spare tire” (abdomen and low back area) on the same day for the recommended 4 weekly visits would cost $2997 (saves $300 over doing them separately) or $2697 for current patients.

* “Current patient” is defined as having a patient visit at CWL for weight loss, weight maintenance or post-operative monitoring purposes within the past 12 months.