Medical Weight Loss FAQs

Yes…and No. I prescribe phentermine and limited other medications for patients who are likely to benefit from medication and desire to try it, after discussing the potential risks, benefits, and alternatives. I also make “weight-loss-friendly” recommendations on use, cessation or changes in medications given for other medical problems, which are then reviewed with the prescribing physician. I can explain the pros and cons of over-the-counter medications and make recommendations on these as well. I recommend the use of vitamin supplements to replace proven deficiencies or likely deficiencies, so my patients can enjoy optimal health, but I do not prescribe vitamins specifically to cause weight loss, since there are NO vitamins which help with weight loss. To be specific, we have decades of studies showing that B-12 shots have no role in weight loss. I also only use hormone replacement products as indicated medically. I never used human growth hormone, and I am pleased to see that the (inappropriate) use in weight loss has been forbidden by the FDA. All medications have potential side-effects and should be treated with respect.

The first step is to watch the 20 minute video seminar about Medical Weight Loss on-line at this website. Click on this link to go to the video.  If you are ready to commit to the weight loss process, and this feels like the right place for your journey, call us at 312-9444 or you can email us at The first appointment is a 2-3 hour BEGINNING appointment. Please arrive 45 minutes early to fill out our detailed history and other paperwork, or print out and fill in the paperwork ahead of time and arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Click here to print out all the paperwork. Once you have scheduled your BEGINNING appointment you may cancel it up to one full work day prior without penalty (for example, cancel by 5pm Wednesday for a Friday appointment). Unfortunately, if you fail to come in, or cancel at the last minute, there is a $50 LATE CANCELLATION FEE.

Click Here to get a printer-friendly version of the price list.

Finally, affordable weight loss care!  Medicare and a number of other insurance products now cover medical weight loss, although the exact details of the coverage vary widely. Some insurance programs require a referral from your Primary Care Provider (PCP) in order to see us, and sometimes this referral is denied.  If your insurance covers Obesity, or if you have significant diseases resulting from your Obesity (such as Diabetes, Sleep Apnea and High Blood Pressure), then we can usually bill your insurance for medical weight loss.  You can generally expect to pay a co-pay, and most insurance products require the specialist co-pay.  You will want to know what your deductible is, and how much of it you have already met this year to decide if it is most cost effective to use your insurance or to self-pay.

Our staff can assist you in making this decision. Most Health Care Spending Accounts allow funds to be  utilized for services here.

Even if your insurance doesn’t cover weight loss services with us, we are still very affordable. For a little more than a specialist co-pay, you can have one-on-one time with a doctor specializing in weight loss.

Since self-pay means no insurance hassles for us, our discount to self-pay patients is substantial.  You will also get, as our gift to you, a starter kit worth $30 at your first visit.  To save even more, pre-purchase a package of visits and save 10%.

We do not require you to purchase any food or supplements or medications, although we do offer some items for purchase for your convenience.

Self-Pay Medical Weight Loss Price List

  1. Assessment of Readiness for the program (on line seminar) – FREE

  2. Beginning Visit – $165

    Starter Kit ($30 value) included – FREE

    ECG (if needed) – $35

  3. Continuing Visits

    • Office Visit – $105 

    • Virtual (Phone) or Office Visit with Educator only – $50    

Save 10% with our pre-paid Starter Package Deal:

  • Core Curriculum (Beginning Visit plus 3 Office Visits) – $432 (save $48)
    • Core Curriculum is recommended to be completed in weekly visits during the first month.
    • Starter Kit included.  ECG is not included.

Save 10% with our pre-paid Continuing Weight Loss Package Deals:

  • Continuing Weight Loss part I or II (4 Office Visits each) – $378 (save $42)
    • Continuing Weight Loss Visits are recommended every 2 weeks for 4 months after Starter Pkg.
  • Add Visits or Virtual Visits with Educator (no MD visit) – $45 (save $5)*

Save 10% with our pre-paid Maintenance Package Deal:

  • Maintenance part I or II (3 Office Visits) – $283 (save $32)
  • Maintenance Visits are recommended monthly for 6 months following Weight Loss Package.
  • Add Visits or Virtual Visits with Educator (no MD visit) – $45 (save $5)*

Save 10% with our pre-paid Graduate Package Deals:

  • Graduate (3 Office Visits) – $283 (save $32)
    • Graduate Visits are required every three months for ongoing use of prescription medications and recommended for anyone needing continued maintenance support.
  • Add Visits or Virtual Visits with Educator (no MD visit) – $45 (save $5)*

*Educator Visits have limited availability and are primarily used when patients need extra attention to better understand the curriculum.  They can be pre-purchased at the 10% discount price with a package deal, or they can be added to a package deal later at the discount price, if needed.  They can also be used instead of an office visit for convenience and cost savings at a maximum frequency of 1 Educator visit for each complete office visit.

We are very eager to start working with you to achieve a healthy body and lifestyle. If you feel committed to making a serious change in your life, then chances are good that this is the right place for you. Please watch our 20 minute on-line seminar to better understand what we do here.  If this practice feels like a good fit for your needs, please call to schedule your BEGINNING VISIT.  When you call, we will also ask for some preliminary information to help us better guide you in understanding your insurance
coverage and planning the most cost-effective way for you to be seen here.

Watching the seminar is a requirement before you can be seen here. This ensures that there are no misunderstandings about the program. If you have difficulty finding or playing the Seminar, we can assist you.  You can call our office at (757) 312-9444, or you can e-mail us at for help.  We can loan you a tablet to watch the seminar in our waiting room. When you feel ready to start, contact us and schedule your Beginning appointment.  Be aware that you should plan about 3 hours in the office for this beginning appointment and a full hour in the office for subsequent visits.

Medical Weight Loss means any non-surgical weight loss achieved under the “guidance” of a medical provider. So at other places it could mean that a nurse sees you and gets you to buy replacement shakes or meals, and tells you to walk a mile a day. Or you might be directed to make an appointment with a personal trainer or dietitian at additional cost. They might even pressure you to buy worthless or potentially harmful shots and pills.

Here at Chesapeake Weight Loss, all your weight loss appointments are with a Provider trained in Bariatric (Weight Loss) Medicine. Our preference is to work with lifestyle changes incorporating low carbohydrate diets, but each plan is individualized for the patient’s goals, needs and limitations. There are no hidden costs and no mandatory purchases. Everything we recommend is based on medical evidence.

Our Patient Forms can be accessed by clicking the link below: